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An awesomely beautiful technique to enhance the beauty of any decoupage project is Wood Grain Effect. This quick start guide is to introduce you to...
8 Lectures
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This Visual guide teaches you how to stitch interesting fabric cushioned coasters using scraps of fabric. This tutorial shows you how to how to cut...
4 Lectures
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Welcome to my course ‘Digital Art: Stylized Portrait Painting’ where I introduce to you some concepts you need to understand to start p...
3 Lectures
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Altered Art >
Shadow boxes are beautiful way to create three dimensional look, displaying favorite memories and being an outstanding wall Decor. What can be more...
2 Lectures
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Hi folks, Moroccan Art on glass decor items is one of the most beautiful, royal looking and lovely object for home decor which is used by people fo...
1 Lectures
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A fresh breeze, a charismatic floral aroma and a pleasant fragrance can change the mood of anyone, can make a person fresh, happy, calm and energet...
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