Teach what you love

E.g. your website / Insta / Facebook

Earn from Home

Earn money from your home by doing what you love. You will get money every time a student purchases your course. Get money directly in your account twice in a month. No registration or any other fee is charged.

Easy & Fun to Start with Us

Start by choosing a topic, planning lessons with your creative passion and knowledge. Record videos and send those videos to us. Rest we will do it for you. We help you at every step of the journey to your success.

Build Your Fan Following

Cherish your presence by making and growing fan following by sharing your knowledge. Help people to explore their hidden talents and improve mental well-being in our community.

Conceptualize a Successful Future

We provide you tools like messaging, project submission, course announcements so that you can grow your community and build a concept of successful future with Anra Academy.

Teacher's Challenge

Join us in a monthly challenge for extra help creating your class. With milestones, feedback and prizes to keep you on track, you'll publish your first class in no time.

It's easy to get started!

How to Start

Send us your profile along with pictures of your work in mail and tell us about what you would like to teach.

Get Approval

Select a project, send us the final project picture along with information about the topic, and get approved.

Plan Your Class

Choose a topic, category, the title of the class, make a list of material, record videos, and send us along with notes.

Get Published

Whether it is publishing videos on website, promoting your class, or collecting reviews, we will take care of everything in between for you.

From Our Teachers

Tanushi Gupta

Oh, I am so eager to start teaching my classes at Anra Academy so I can share my passions with others too. And that also as per my own ease along with earning money for what I just love to do. I can’t wait to use all of my new teaching tools. I will absolutely recommend joining Anra Academy to other educators!

Bindiya Bhavsar

Anra Academy, wow! It is a very great platform where any artist can join who can teach online their creativity along with that you even earn as your putting so much efforts . I am very lucky to be a part of Anra Academy as a Tutor where I got the opportunity to share my creations through online teaching globally. It's a great opportunity for all fellow Artists so plz don't miss it and grab this .Thank you . Lots of Love.

Annu Pal

If you are a good Artist but still struggling to share your Creativity and also want earn with it. Anra Academy is the best opportunity where you can teach online your beautiful projects and also earn respect and money globally. I would recommend all artists to join Anra Academy and grow your creativity. Thanks.

Minu Agarwal

Anybody who likes Art and Crafts but don't know where to start from so here is an Awesome platform known as Anra Academy which provides you opportunity to teach many Art and Craft courses online like , flowering making, Baking, Stitching, Scrapbooking, mixed media , painting etc. I am extremely happy to be a part of it to explore my creativity. So what are you waiting for. Just go for it as it's worth it. Thank you so much.

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