Pebble Flowers Card with Marble Painting

Enjoy a fabulous art process using pebbles, leaf textures and marble painting background created by your own and have loads of fun while exploring interesting textures and patterns with kids! The textures provide beautiful and unique appearance to make awesome scenery and paintings. Here is one refreshing and beautiful 3D card of pebble flowers. These techniques help children to learn how to create patterns and textures and observing color mixing.

Main Features

How to create patterns with marble painting

How to use different elements in coloring

How to transform shells into fishes

How to make pebble flowers

How to create borders

How to create waves in two colors

Total Lessons


Knowledge Required

Beginner-friendly. No prior experience necessary.

What you'll need

Everything is listed in the course material. Check the second lecture and just click the material name. It will take you to the site directly where you will find all the material. There you can buy whatever you need.

Suitable for

Children with age 7+

Join and start exploring the beautiful world of marble painting art. All needed fundamentals are explained very well that I am sure you can not find at home or online in free classes. Don't worry about material, all is in the material list with links to the web store where you will find everything required to make this project.

Hope you enjoy the class!

Introduction of Pebble and Marble Painting Card
0:47 minutes
Material for Pebble Flowers Card with Marble Painting
Preparing for Marble Painting
3:15 minutes
Making Marble Painting Background
1:01 minutes
Cutting Marble paper for Card
0:39 minutes
Making Pebble Flowers for Card
4:22 minutes
Coloring Pebbles for Flowers
7:36 minutes
Preparing Composition of Card
1:54 minutes
Making Leaf Texture and Pebble Flowers
5:18 minutes
Finishing of Pebbles Flower Card
9:26 minutes

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